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Not only do we have our Group Coaching program, but we have a community that is bar-none the most supportive and collaborative one you'll find!

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We are continually giving you the tools you need to succeed professionally and personally.

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While everyone is welcome to apply, the Collective is curated. The community is safe. That is what makes us different.

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Your work is part of YOU. We get that. Personal development is a big part of professional development. 


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About me

Renée Erdman

CTC, DipCBST, ACDBC, Fear-Free Certified, LLA

Trainer & Behaviour Consultant

They say the proof is in the pudding. I wouldn't be standing here with integrity offering coaching if I didn't have the results & experience to back them up.

  • 15 years working in advertising and marketing
  • 10 years as a successful dog trainer & consultant
  • Extremely strong brand and business
  • $20k+ business months consistently
  • $60k invested in eduction (business and behavior)
  • 224k podcast downloads
  • 22k Instagram followers (and growing!)

What members are saying

The Collective is an amazing, safe and collaborative space that nurtures your growth. 

Don't take my word for it...

Without this Collective I wouldn't have built the confidence that I can be successful within this profession, let alone quit my job and get it started. 


I didn't know how much I needed a community like this. It has been a major game changer and the support is like nothing I could have imagined.


Also, the content is killer.


Trainer in Training

There is so much valuable content packed into this program, leaving you more motivated each week than the last. I have so many new ways to improve my business now and am so excited about my potential growth and influence as a result. The connections I have made with my classmates are invaluable, and Renée is so down to earth, knowledgeable and relatable. You will not regret signing up!.


My business has been completely transformed. I went from being completely over-worked and burned out, not charging enough for my services to now working with "unicorn clients", working LESS and being more profitable! I am much happier and would highly recommend the Mentorship Collective and Renée's guidance for all dog trainers and pet professionals who really want longevity in this business. 


Pawsitive Canine Services LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have any free info to help me right now?

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Group Coaching Program 

Our flagship 8 week program that includes everything I wish I had access to to help me succeed personally and professionally as a trainer and R+ pet professional.

  • The Course

    The fundamentals I wished I had known before starting my business!

  • Perks

    You'll get access to our new offerings before anyone else does!

  • Tools

    We give you the tools and knowledge to start making changes within your business right away.

  • The Community

    Our community is a curated one for members to feel safe and supported.

  • Weekly Group Zooms

    Every week our group coaching sessions will inspire and motivate you. 

  • The Support

    The support you need to help you overcome the hurdles that come with the profession.

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